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The Corporate Workshop

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The corporate workshop is designed to be hosted on your premises or a suitable off-site location. The workshop provides a  comfortable group setting to  help your employees prepare for those inevitable changes in life that we call transitions..... including the transition to retirement.

The format is open and engaging, allowing everyone to participate in the conversation regarding pre-retirement planning. We combine technology with a  self discovery process that, when completed, leaves individuals with a clearer vision of their lives and where they want to go  in the future.

The end result of taking this program is that you will end up with a strategy for your future.

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Executive One on One Coaching

The Executive one on one coaching program has been developed based upon client demand to provide our services as an executive benefit in some organizations. Typically, the Executive program is sponsored by the employer and provides a discreet one on one environment.

The Executive One on One program follows the same format and content as our corporate workshop with the added benefit of privacy and discretion regarding the executives lifestyle planning.

If you or your company wants to learn more about how you can provide this program to your executive team, please contact us.

The Online Program

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The Retirement Education & Lifestyle Transition Planning Program is a self-paced educational program designed to help you prepare for your chosen transition. The online program, while based upon our successful workshop material, has been simplified in order to provide individual users an easy to use self study program. You will be guided through the program, step by step.

The program provides information and examples to illustrate fundamental concepts about transitions. At key places, there are automated questionnaires for you to fill in, which are later distilled into summaries for you to discuss with your partner.

You and your partner should complete the online program independent of each other and then begin to have a discussion using the summaries to guide your discussion.

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